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Stop Smoking Products 
These Customized Stop Smoking CDs are Hypnotic, Sensory Cds 
Stop Smoking Cd $34.95  
This Cd is produced by Pattie Freeman    
A "sound strategy" to support you (or someone you love) in breaking the addiction to cigarettes. The relaxing music reduces stress and enhances the effectiveness of the subliminal suggestions.  
Customized Stop Smoking-Personalized for you $74.95  
Stop Smoking Groups- Home Parties 
If you have a group and interested in doing one with atleast 8+ give me a call for a Discounted group rate ....
If you want for me to come to your place of business/home get information by calling or email Pattie.
What Does the Session Cost?  
Each session lasts for approximately 1-1.5 Hour with includes a consultation. 
Stop Smoking sessions are usually done in just one session but other therapy may take several sessions to achieve the required results.  
Phone Hypnosis can be ordered via email in the privacy of your home 
Phone / Skype Hypnosis Session  
Are you busy and can't get away? 
Are you out of town and looking to Quit Smoking Now? 
One on One Personal Hypnotherapy,the sessions are treated with privacy. 
Phone /Skype hypnosis is done with earphones or a speaker phone. Its just as effective as in person. A simpler way to have a session in the comfort of your home or office.  
We take your privacy very seriously. Any personal details or information given or discussed either in this website.    


Payment options Check, Cash, Charge



Stop Smoking!

I saw Pattie to help me stop smoking. She was very good at getting information out of me and at the same time giving me good reasons why I should quit smoking. After 1 session with Pattie I am now a non smoker. It was the easiest thing I have done. I wish I had done it sooner.

Quit smoking!

I didn't think it was possible to ever stop, but with Patties help it was ever so easy. I don't have urges or cravings for it anymore and on my way to happy better me. Thanks Pattie

Achieve your Goals with hypnotherapy

Pattie is wonderful, she takes time to understand you and your goals. With her help I was able to quit smoking, give up sugar, eat better, exercise more and my confidence is better than ever. I highly recommend her for whatever your personal goals.