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Pattie Freeman BCHT, CI, MST her office is located in Scottsdale Arizona and Beverly Hills California. She is a Certified Instructor, Hypnotherapist, NLP certified and Life Coach she has helped out thousands of people to change and improve their lives through hypnosis. Pattie trains people to become Hypnotist-Hypnotherapist in her field. Her Knowledge of Hypnotism and her success rate with her clients are highly recognized with her colleagues.

Pattie is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotist, the Arizona Professional Hypnotist and the American Hypnosis Association.

She has appeared on "Fox Sports" "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" Hypnotized Rob Dibble successfully for Smoking. She has hosted a Radio Station from Las Vegas about Hypnosis. Being the expert in her field she has provided info concerning hypnosis to various Television and Radio talk shows. Pattie has helped many Professional Sports Athletes on their sports career and sports injuries.

Pattie is the host of her radio show "Mind Over atter" and sign up to get her newsletter and Free Download and you'll keep up to date of where she will be and what new topics for you to enjoy.

She has been the Hypnotherapist to the stars with offices based in Beverly Hills, Ca and Scottsdale, AZ. She has worked with many famous actors, actresses, daytime soap stars and film writers, and producers and directors of major TV shows. Pattie has helped actors, producers and directors on and off the set with stress management. She has also supported cancer patients with pain management and assisted family members in reducing the associated stress.

Pattie Freeman has studied as a student of psychology  
Her therapeutic approach, compelling communication style, and by her successful athlete's performances. Combining modalities of hypnotherapy, Parts therapy, neuro-linguistics programming (N.L.P.), whole brain learning, and success Enhancement in Performance and Injury conditioning and Personal Achievement.

Pattie is available to provide you services for private or groups sessions.

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"Thanks Pattie your stop smoking session has helped me stop and feel great I will recommend others to you"            Sue Clemens  Minn.

"I was so amazed about how I would feel after the smoking  session, I stopped right after I left the office Thanks Pattie your great!"        Dororthy M. Yuma

"I have been smoking for over 26 years and i tried everything I had a open mind because my health was bad now I am a non smoker and feel great I just want to thank you I no longer have High blood pressure thank you."   Doris Kay Tucson Az.     

"I wanted to say Thanks You! you saved my life. I am no longer depressed and now I am finally happy and save alot of money too from not smoking I am smoke free"  Cindy Sells Nev.