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Stop Smoking NOW... Kick the Habit with HYPNOSIS

                                 Quit cigarettes using Hypnotherapy...

Stop Smoking Now With my smoking cessation program hypnosis is used with powerful suggestions and visualization, to help you quit smoking quickly and easily. The technique has been developed with a success rate over 97%!! 
There is no doubt smoking is a powerful addiction. It takes smokers 5 or 6 attempts to end their expensive and unhealthy habit for good. 
Save on the pirouette patches and gum, with a high success rate have just one session of hypnotherapy to cure your addiction, its easier than relying on willpower alone, there will be no withdrawal symptoms and you need not gain weight. It's mind over matter it's time to take control of your mind and make some positive changes. 


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  Break The Habit...  

When giving up smoking in conventional ways, sometimes ex-smokers find themselves drifting back to cigarettes maybe when they are tempted by other smokers, or they feel stressed out. The habit is lodged in the subconscious mind so that there is a constant desire for a cigarette. It is the nagging desire which will gradually wear the ex-smoker down until in a moment of weakness they give in and light that first cigarette.

Hypnotherapy – the most effective way to give up smoking Hypnotherapy is proved to be the most successful way to give up smoking. Quit smoking with hypnosis is the healthy and safe way to end the smoking craving. 
  • No withdrawal symptoms  
  • No cravings  
  • No need to gain weight  
  • Stop smoking quickly and easily in one single session  
  • Works for long term heavy smokers and light smokers  
  • Stay Smoke Free for the rest of your life

I can Help where others Can't!  

You have tried everything even seminars call me and get a one on one session and see how it works successfully. No more urges, weight gain, cravings its effortlessly.
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I was referred  to Patti’s Hypnosis By Patti program by my sister, who had used it to quit smoking over a year ago.  Being a skeptic, I went online and reviewed the website and thought what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.  I downloaded the program on my MP3 player, fitted my earpieces and settled into bed to be amused.  In fact, after listening to Patti’s soothing voice and following her instructions, I became so relaxed I fell into a deep sleep.  When I woke up about 6 hours later, and heard the messages still playing I thought, what a joke.  I shut down the player, and fell back asleep.

This is the kicker…that morning I began my day about 7 a.m., I went to  work and it wasn’t until noon that I realized I had not had one urge for a cigarette.  In fact, it has been over a week since I had a cigarette and, I was a 20 year, 18 cigarette a day smoker.

Patti, you are my angel…I am so grateful, that I have ordered the Memory and Concentration program.  My wife has requested the Weight Loss Program for her use.  I am recommending you to everyone I know…

God Bless you on your gift…

Emmett Williams, Tucson, Az



Stop Smoking!

I saw Pattie to help me stop smoking. She was very good at getting information out of me and at the same time giving me good reasons why I should quit smoking. After 1 session with Pattie I am now a non smoker. It was the easiest thing I have done. I wish I had done it sooner.

Quit smoking!

I didn't think it was possible to ever stop, but with Patties help it was ever so easy. I don't have urges or cravings for it anymore and on my way to happy better me. Thanks Pattie

Achieve your Goals with hypnotherapy

Pattie is wonderful, she takes time to understand you and your goals. With her help I was able to quit smoking, give up sugar, eat better, exercise more and my confidence is better than ever. I highly recommend her for whatever your personal goals.